Spec House Plans

Our spec house services are geared towards builders and land owners who are seeking a unique design in a timely fashion for a fixed price. Some homeowners may also be interested in these services. We welcome inquiries from any interested party.

Getting Started

Providing the following information will help us get started:
– List of the rooms you want in the house including outdoor spaces such as porches and patios, as well as garage and storage spaces.
– List of overarching goals and specific requirements unique to you.
– List of special elements or features you want in the house such as fireplaces, double-height rooms, balconies, etc.
– Two or three images of house exteriors that interest you and a few notes on why.
– A site plan of the property completed by a surveyor.
– Any additional information is of course welcome.

Schematic Design

We will use the information you’ve provided to develop a spec house design. Floor plans and the front and rear elevations will be provided for you to review.

Design Review Meeting

We will be happy to meet with you in person upon completion of schematic design to review the design and get your feedback.

Request Changes

Once you receive the drawing package, you will have the opportunity to request changes. Your changes will be submitted to the design team in a single checklist.


We will use the checklist to make all the changes to the plans and elevations.

Final Package

The floor plans, four building elevations and two building sections will be provided for your records. This package will be prepared to submit for a building permit along with any other drawings or details that are required by your local building department.


As few as 30 days. This compressed timeframe depends on several factors: the completeness of the initial input, scheduling the design review meeting, submission of the checklist, number and degree of requested changes.

Additional Services

If you would like any services beyond those listed above, such as additional design review meetings, additional modifications, or design drawings for landscape, lighting, interior elevations, room planning, enlarged details, materials and products selection, building systems, etc., we are happy to provide these services at any time at our standard rates. We also gladly offer industry standard services such as: written specifications, bidding documents, contract review, contractor negotiation, project delivery sequencing, project administration, budget estimates, construction administration, pre-design and post-construction services. Simply inquire and we will tailor the service level to fit your expectations.