nlddesign.comWe believe architecture is the art, science, style and method of building. We use our knowledge and skill to bring these four threads together to create beautiful, functional, and enduring buildings.

Our designs are guided by principles of order, proportion, and ornament, and seek to achieve meaningful, appropriate, useful, inviting, and aesthetically rich environments where people are comfortable, fulfilled, and inspired by their surroundings.

Attention to detail, craftsmanship, and character enhance the individual space as well as the whole, contributing to the client’s unique lifestyle and making a house a true home. Smart and simple are often the best solutions to meet needs and wants.

We believe in sustainability – designing architecture projects that use resources efficiently and responsibly, take advantage of natural light and air, and use systems to reduce energy and fuel consumption; we select forms, details, and materials that are durable and retain their quality for years to come.

We have a responsibility to our client. To listen, to teach, to work together, to deliver – architecture is a service profession. Balancing a client’s priorities with the design intent is critical at every stage. We seek to keep the client informed and offer options that align with expectations. Ensuring the scales of costs, quality, quantity and time are measured throughout the process is a priority.